School time

Special assistance for schools run in hospital children’s wards

Special assistance for schools run in hospital children’s wards

According to the compulsory education law, a child of 5 years and up who misses school for more than 21 sequential days on physician’s instruction must continue studies in hospital.

Hospitals now run classrooms that offer study solutions for the school age children. At LatetTikva, we identified numerous difficulties in implementing the law. To assist, LatetTikva helps these classrooms equip with cutting edge equipment, such as interactive boards, laptops with age-relevant content, and more. The purpose is simple: reinforcing the child’s capabilities relative to her or his previous familiar environment, and minimizing learning level disparities caused by absence from school attendance.

As part of LatetTikva’s comprehensive assistance, we offer the children at healing stage school activities in hospital. These LatetTikva activities are also promoted with the warm encouragement of hospital directors. It’s hardly necessary to guess that an ill child is not too interested in attending class, but LatetTikva’s smart accessories and programs mean the problems get felt when the school year is up… because the children want more!

Every so often we bring teachers, educators and other professionals in a range of fields to these schools. The children are always excited over these events, and can sit quietly for hours, their attention held by fascinating materials and talks. In fact, even those who’ve long since left school – such as the parents – are fascinated by these events!