Passover Attractions

This Passover, our department dedicated to arranging activities is organizing a variety of attractions for sick children and their families

A child’s hospitalization, especially for long periods, is never an easy experience. Anyone who has ever been hospitalized can attest that it is not easy or simple: spending long hours in a hospital, countless errands and a major disruption of daily life. However, even in these difficult situations, you can find hope, because there are people whose motto is simply to give hope (Latet Tikva).


 From time to time, depending on the sick child’s condition, we can take him or her out of the hospital to enjoy various attractions. This has a very positive effect on all those involved, and genuinely helps the children gain strength that will allow them to fight the disease.

 The complexity of hospitalization

A person that is hospitalized, whether a child, a young person or a senior citizen, faces  one of the most difficult times imaginable. Family and close friends try, of course, to ease and provide support, but the reality for many patients means staying in one place for days, weeks or months, and contact with revitalizing fresh air being limited, if any, to very infrequent episodes. This may cause the development of negative feelings, sometimes even depression, which may also adversely affect the ability to cope with the disease itself.

 Another significant problem is loneliness. For people who are used to constantly being in the company of other people – in school, in the workplace, in the army or elsewhere, this change  – being alone or with only a small number of relatives – may be difficult. Moreover, the departure from the daily routine also makes it difficult, especially when there are various obligations that cannot be addressed during this period.

 The good news: a variety of attractions

Under these conditions, it is clear why a break from the hospital routine, even for just a few hours or days, contributes greatly to all those concerned. Just going outside enables patients to literally get some fresh air, and this instantly improves their mood (as well as that of their relatives), gives patients a sense of vitality and strength that make it easier to face their disease, and significantly improves their sense of being capable and competent.

 Needless to say, Latet Tikva takes patients out of the hospital to participate in these activities only with the approval of the hospital’s medical team, depending on the physical and mental condition of the patient. This is another reason why it is recommended, especially in the case of children, to make the initial inquiries without involving the patient, so as to avoid unnecessary disappointments if the medical team does not give its consent to the outing.

 Holidays, special events and everything in between

In this context, the Jewish holidays are of vital importance, since by their very nature they are so very family oriented. This is why many hospitals permit, whenever possible, the release of the patients to their homes, in order to celebrate the holidays with their families. But if they cannot be released, Latet Tikva organizes a Passover Seder for them, including a fine, festive meal in the hospital.

 And while the people of Israel fill the parks, forests and visit various attractions during Passover, at Latet Tikva we provide patients with suitable activities, including trips, performances, attractions and lots and lots of fun.

 This year also, Latet Tikva is organizing, during Passover 2016, special attractions and fun days aimed at unifying the patients’ families. You too can take part by funding one of Latet Tikva’s activities over the upcoming Passover holiday. “Their smile will accompany you for life.”