Making wishes come true

LatetTikva – making dreams of young pure hearts come true.

Sometimes wishes come true

“When I’m better I want to fly in a plane to Mount Hermon!”

“When I get my strength back to move from this bed I want to see the sunset in Eilat.”

“I so want a new laptop instead of being bored here at hospital.”

Wishes and dreams – they’re an integral part of our lives. But sometimes we have no clue how to realize them, or how to make them come true.

Watching a child struggle with the Angel of Death and hoping for something that is just beyond her or his reach is difficult for any parent to handle. An innocent who wants a gift, a game, a trip, to meet with a favorite singer, and is afraid that perhaps she or he won’t live long enough to see the dream come true… and maybe mother and father can’t fill the wish. How depressing.

At LatetTikva, a wishes come true department was opened. A special team from the organization works together with parents for the purpose of making the most secret wishes come true.

There are no words to describe the excitement of a child on discovering her or his wish is coming true: meeting a celeb, flying in a plane… the good energy this brings to the child is worth all the effort in making the wish come true.
What is LatetTikva if not a surprise birthday party? A surprise flight over Israel? For LatetTikva, giving hope means giving something the child is focused on, and more than all that, winning the battle for the child’s life.

LatetTikva – making dreams of young pure hearts come true.