Helping patients’ families

Emotional and financial assistance for families of child patients during the child’s illness

Emotional and financial assistance for families of child patients during the child’s illness

“Behind every patient is a whole family, suffering.”

This was the phrase that the LatetTikvavolunteer coordinator coined, and which has since become emblematic of the organization’s role in helping the families of these young patients.
Our vast accrued experience at LatetTikva has taught us that families are like the military: all forces must function together optimally if a conquest is to be realized. As soon as one of the forces weakens, the others also begin to lose control. This is why, even though the child is the one suffering from the illness, the situation must not detrimentally impact life’s continuity.

The assistance offered by LatetTikva is diverse. A parent may be forced to leave her or his employment in order to care for the child. LatetTikva will do its utmost to arrange a job with more comfortable hours, adapted to the child’s and the parent’s needs. In many cases one of the parents may be unemployed as a result of caring for the child, and LatetTikva will find ways of offering the family financial assistance throughout the hospitalization period and until the child heals.

On Jewish festivals and other specific occasions during the year, our army of volunteers visits hundreds of homes with ill children and leave gigantic food baskets to ease the family’s load and bring them relief and happiness.

At LatetTikva, we have established a professional consultancy department including a social worker, personal educational assistant, and psychologists all ready to help the family’s members find ways of emotionally and psychologically coping. In-depth professional discussions with family members also provide LatetTikva with the tools for finding better and more diverse ways to assist the families.