Vacation Camp

The Convalescence and Vacation Camps for Hospitalized Children

The Convalescence and Vacation Camps for Hospitalized Children

Hotel.Hospital. Both host you, and the words are even a little similar, but what a huge difference between them.
Not always! Sometimes a hotel becomes a hospital.

Every LatetTikva child and family takes a few days of vacation at a top level hotel and enjoys the activities and attractions of the area from morning to night. Camp counselors are the hospital’s volunteers who know the children and their families well. The camp is meant to help the family enjoy itself for a few days.

The energy that children are recharged with from these LatetTikva camps just can’t be believed. Doctors in the hospitals agree that they can discern from a distance children who are back from a camp by the merry moods and the renewed wish to conquer. “I can pick up on the energy of children back from a LatetTikva camp from a distance,” said one senior professor at Tel Hashomer Hospital, who never misses a chance to join our activities.


And so, dozens of ill children and their families, including brothers and sisters, make their way along with the medical staff and LatetTikva volunteers, loads of medical equipment but also loads of good cheer, for a few action packed days at prestigious hotels, to help them forget their pain and recharge their batteries.

The vacation camp programs are prepared with precision and are always praised by participants. As with all LatetTikva activities, these camps are also offered free of charge to the families.

It’s little wonder that requests keep pouring in from hospitals and social services departments to LatetTikva offices, seeking to join the list of organizations catered to by LatetTikva and our volunteers… because a child’s smile is priceless.