Roy got flown for an emergency operation

Within 24 hours after it was announced that Roy urgently needs a new liver – he was on the plane, to the hospital in Manhattan, in merit of Latet Tikva

A few hours after a doctor at the Rambam Hospital in Haifa ruled that the 8-year-old Roy, a resident of Tzfat, life was in danger. Roy urgently needed a liver transplant – an urgent request has been received at the offices of Latet Tikva.

Managers and volunteers of Latet Tikva, checked with local social services the family’s situation, and decided to help maintain medical flight operation as quickly as possible.

They contacted the Ministry of Health in Israel, the hospital management of ‘Mount Sinai in Manhattan and the airline in order to have full cooperation and success of the medical operation, including a family who will host in Manhattan.

“It was like a military operation,” says Roys father. “Dozens of phone calls to Israel and the United States. But what moved me is to discover again that the spirit of giving from many people of Latet Tikva.”

Indeed, in less than 24 hours, Roy was on the plane, accompanied by his loving parents.

In addition to that medical transportation, air transportation also requires medical staff and equipment.

We can only hope that the operation will succeed – and we can welcome a healthy Roy, after his recovery.

הטסה רפואית. ארכיון

הטסה רפואית. ארכיון